Publications & projects

S. Jantzi, Spears, J., Ackerlund Brandt, J. A., (in preparation).  The effects of mand training to teach requesting.


Stacy Jantzi

Yuma, AZ

Curriculum Vitae

About Stacy

 Honestly, school, family, and growing professionally are my hobbies, and what bring me joy. I love that I have the opportunity to support so many in my day-to-day, but also in the PhD program through peer mentoring, and by seeking opportunities for those I work with to grow (students and staff). I believe that we are in a very unique position to continually seek meaningful ways to improve the quality of life for others, as this is one of my greatest passions.


Research Interests

My areas of interest include parent training, staff training, antecedent intervention, delay discounting, and OBM. I have found that these areas of interest are consistent with the programs I have been fortunate to support to include, students, families, educators, and other providers in collaborative fields.

Rapport building, marketing, and ‘likeability’ are also areas that I look forward to working on in the very near future. I feel that there is room for a model in these areas and look forward to exploring the possibilities.

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